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At Pandan Bali we work with a cooperative of local families and weavers.


All of our products are handmade in Indonesia using native "pandan" leaves together with natural crop fibers such as cotton and linen.


To make the traditional weave that can be found in all of our products the Pandan leaf is cut, dried, and woven by local families, just as it has for centuries. These materials are an excellent alternative to modern plastics and other non-biodegradable products. 

Pandan Bali Drying Wheels.jpg


All of our product are handmade. There are no mas-prodicing factories or facncy machines. We employ a small team of skilled  artists, weavers and tailors.


Biodegradable Materials

95%  of our products are biodegradable. We aim to use no plastics or petrol chemicals with the majority of the materials being plant derived.



Pandan is a fast growing plant tha  is harvested locally - making it emission neutral. It is native to InDonesia and pretty much grows everytwhere!  


Preservation of Tradition

The woven pandan mats have been used in home and for ceremonious purposes throughout indoesia for centuries. 


Fiber Crops

We try to avoid any synthetic fibers in our products. Our bags and accessories are  lined with the highest quality linens and cottons.


Fair-Trade Practices

We follow international guidlines under fair-trade prctices at each and every step of our production. 

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